This page was created by colleagues and current and former students of Professors Carole S. Vance and Kim Hopper. Our purpose is to call on Columbia University to reinstate their contracts immediately.

On this blog, you’ll find petitions you can sign and various letters sent to Columbia University by scholars, activists, and advocates who protest Columbia’s termination of Vance and Hopper.

Please note that we welcome the support of all, but that it will be most effective if you figure out which is the right petition for you. Please only sign the academic petition if you are affiliated with a college or university (anywhere around the world). If you do now or have in the past worked for a non-governmental organization on a cause that connects to the work of Carole Vance or Kim Hopper (e.g., poverty, homelessness, sexuality, gender, health, human rights, reproductive rights, HIV/AIDS, trafficking) please sign the NGO Petition.

Everyone else, please sign the ‘Advocates’ petition, which is for the everyone else who wants to sign on as an advocate for fair treatment and the support of excellent scholar-teachers.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Considering that the university relates better to numbers–I understand that fundraising was an issue in this decision–rather than split up all the supporters based on whether we are academic, NGO, advocates, let’s make more of an impact by starting a single, simple petition for both Vance and Hopper on change.org. It would be most appropriate coming from one of the leaders of this support group–from whomever might have the most name recognition with the public in addition to clout with the university. I think all these petitions are valuable and I’m not suggesting that anything here be rescinded or undone. The two strategies are not mutually exclusive. I’ve seen change.org get results. The university has already demonstrated, seemingly at least in this instance, that it cares more about numbers, money, and quantity rather than quality of teaching, research, and public engagement.–SIPA ’86, senior acquisitions editor (including books on homelessness, trafficking, and human rights), and Columbia University Club of Chicago

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